Non erit satura est scriptor nasus quando emptore magis est vera sapientia, quam venditor (2) (Dick & Jane)

     [Series Note]
    As I often say, the satirist has a better nose for truth than the seller of sagacity. And, of course, as you no doubt know, and have often heard: “Non erit satura est scriptor nasus quando emptore magis est vera sapientia, quam venditor,” that is, “There will be a satire’s nose when the buyer is true wisdom rather than the seller.”

Dick and Jane Can’t Draw (Draft 3)

My friend Jane wants to be an artist.
See Jane draw.
Jane has a dog named Fred.
Fred can’t draw bee’cause
he likes to do the twist.

The teacher yelled at my friend
bee’cause Jane draws too white,
and white is bad, teacher said.
Jane is a flesh color crayon.
She can’t find that one.
Maybe a frog ate it.
Jane wants to hide in a box.

Jane’s mom likes dogs.
Jane’s mom is a flesh color crayon too.
I like Jane’s mom.
I like Jane.

Our moms are mad bee’cause
the teacher was X-spelling
and giving us suspenders.
The teacher made mom cry
bee’cause she said
mom likes the Supremes.

Our moms say
we have to go to
deprive-it school
we brought
the wrong crayon

My friend Jane
is afraid to draw.
I told her not to cry.

Our teacher says
our families are bad
bee’cause the Union
said bad words on TV.

Jane likes Dr. Seus books.
See Jane’s dog chase the cat in a hat.

We are going to deprive-it school
bee’cause they have a full box of crayons.

I like when she draws me, bee’cause
she draws me with a blue crayon.
I want to be a blue crayon musician.

I don’t know why
Mom can’t be
a Supreme-a-sis

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