An Anchovy Pizza and a Princess Doll (A Long Soaking Journey)

{Many drafts, many titles}
[A Long Soaking Journey]
    [River (Draft 4)]

by Douglas Gilbert

She crossed a river, and
she’s not coming back.

You’ll never know
the growing pangs, and
how she stirred things up,
avoided the gangs and sang.

If making the urgent journey,
said, first thing, she’d have
a bacon cheeseburger, key
to sending meals home, though

I don’t know how ’cause
I’ve been born to sorrow
at a homey wreckage, just to
wash worry stains from
bodies in the street, yeah

it’s been a long soaking time since
bloody muddy murders flowed
like a criminal rhyme for
the river beyond, yes

it’s been a long soaking sorrow
washing worry, and

So I was born by sorrow
just to see
her daddy float away, yes
and she’s alone, and I remember
like a joy in toe
how she took a step at one,
and a billion steps since

It’s been a long soaking sorrow
since she floated away. But
let me say just how I sent

her to the crossroads, and
it’s been a billion steps, no,
a long soaking sorrow since.

Yet across the waters
many have gone, I know
but sorrow says no

she’s lost across a river,
like a rhyming criminal joke
and yet she’d vowed
to call back, so

she took a billion steps
(Always stirred things up)
(she did), and
first thing, she said
she’d have a snack

It’s been a long time, and
I can smell the bacon now.

She was going to have
an anchovy pizza
and a princess doll, been

a long soaking sorrow since
she crossed on over, and
she promised to call back.

4 thoughts on “An Anchovy Pizza and a Princess Doll (A Long Soaking Journey)

  1. Many drafts
    Something I’ve done myself on some occasion
    Once about a princess too
    A dead one unfortunately
    In equilibrium she now resides

    Only knew her when we were young
    That’s enough to feel some sorrow
    For the end is always…

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    1. Sorrow is a powerful thing in real-time and in un-real time, in people known and people imagined; it flows as if we’re there to bear it. Edits are hard to do. It requires reading a draft as if we didn’t write it and imagining how someone else would read it. Sometimes we are thinking something and just assuming that what we are in the midst of writing is conveying the thought in appropriate words, but sometimes the thought is not actually recorded. A word that triggers a thought from our own experience, sometimes does not trigger the same thought in another.

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      1. I don’t edit much yet. Sometimes change a few words, make things flow, for now for me getting things done often enough is hard enough. At some point I surely will but you have to establish a habit before you can start to improve it.

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  2. I think the unfinished is perfect this way. Like some statues by Michelangelo that have not been retouched anymore and in some parts are left undecorated. I think sometimes wanting to fix everything leads to deleting something and that would be lost. Anchovy pizza reminds me of my grandmother because she made this simple pizza. I am Italian, from Sicily, and therefore I grew up with simple foods. My grandmother also had a giant doll, taller than me, that looked like a real little girl and I talked to her when I felt lonely. She was dressed in white and I imagined she was a child of the snow, from a very distant and unknown country. The name I gave her was also beautiful: Tajana Orchid Leen “.

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