The New Alcatraz of 2031 & The 5th Grade Class of 2021

2031 Is a Good Year

The finale is justice
for the California 5th Grade Class
of 2021, bloodlust done.
A new 2031 Alcatraz filled.

Twenty and twenty-one year olds are
adept at trite confession but can
lose their appeals and appeal
when these gangsters brazenly
brag about the 10,000 killed

A graceful fearless dance
they did without appearing in class

roaming between rioters
they showed
their skill with cross-bows
and their artful knife play,
admired by the Hyena gang:

such olympic swiftness
like a game for the Ancients

President Genghis says
I will take from every man his will,
kiss every wife and possess all else.

There is a weeping tax
for every willow tree
and every green field

I am the ruler;
you are the regulated.
Praise me because
in victory
nothing I’ve pronounced
can be amended

I reign over the lightning, and
astride a rocket,
I ride the rainbow

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