Ella Camina Bichi in Her Nightmare (Draft 1)

The screaming girl
in the plexiglass cage:

reporters, fatigued
refuse to see
the face of things they’d
need to blur and silence:
embarrasses Dominum Pupa

They gave her a children’s book
and she screamed. The
kids crammed beside her
were frightened to death of

the screaming girl
in the plexiglass cage.

She was not a virgin anymore.

The NGO’s gave her
Little Red Riding Hood
and the nightmares began every night
in the plexiglass cage

Little Red Riding Hood
met a coyote in Mexico
on her way to
Grandma’s house

The screaming girl
scared the kids
in the plexiglass cage

The coyote asks,
where does Grandma live?


In her nightmare
ella camina bichi

The girl in the plexiglass cage
bleeds, and Grandma
has big teeth.

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