UFOs Again, yeah, so, you do have modern full color cameras recording without blurry photos to show, right?

    Here we go again waiting to see pigs fly. This is not the 1950’s. There are people with professional sophisticated cameras that take full size color photographs with depth of field and clear focus who are present on nuclear weapons bases and on air craft carriers who could take obvious clear photos if they wanted and were allowed to do.
    You’ve got to be kidding. Again with the blurry photos and giggling. This is not going to be an honest reveal is it? Hey look, a guy is standing on an aircraft carrier when a large craft is buzzing the ship and nobody has a decent camera? Really?
    And you say that UFOs are hovering over nuclear missile bases daily for years and yet no one on a base has a decent camera?
    Anyone want to bet that the coming reveal is going to be anything other than fuzzy photos and vague platitudes.

7 thoughts on “UFOs Again, yeah, so, you do have modern full color cameras recording without blurry photos to show, right?

    1. I’m waiting for when the extraterrestrials accidentally drop one of their home lap-top equivalents. I think they bring back to their planet nature films of humans like we have of animals. I think they have evolved like we have: we used to show nature films where when a lion attacked its prey, the prey always got away; but now we show full gory kills. The ETs are too busy bringing home videos of murder, riots, war to bother interviewing psychopaths. Maybe the ETs that are here now are criminal pornography distributors of human predator videos on their home planet. Nature photographers don’t care about the victims they observe, and so extraterrestrials don’t care about the human victims they observe. Many nature photographers don’t talk to the animals, predators or prey. Although, there’s one study of a gorilla troupe where there were two outlaw gorillas. The outlaw gorillas were like psycho- ‘Bonnie and Clyde’s: they kidnapped and killed baby gorillas from all the troupes they could reach. They were serial gorilla-killers.


      1. So weird to think humans could be some form of entertainment or reality show for aliens. But it does all make sense. They wouldn’t need or want to talk to us just like we don’t talk to animals when we film them for the nature shows. Although I kinda wish they’d change the show and teach us how to achieve world peace, fix hunger problems or something for the greater good.
        Crazy about the outlaw gorillas! I wonder why they’d wanna be like that! I suppose sone animals are just bad, like some people.


        1. I just realized something else. We sent cameras to Mars and managed to take better pictures than the blurry ones here. It was a tedious and long process but they managed to compose 3D color pictures of the Mars surface. They sent 1’s and 0’s from several cameras and after months of processing put together a 3D picture. So you’d think they’d have Mars quality cameras at nuclear bases, at least, that could operate independently 24 hrs a day. It might take months to assemble a picture but it would be worth doing.


          1. Makes sense. If we can have good pictures from the surface of Mars, it seems like we should be able to get some good pictures of aliens here on Earth.
            Today is Memorial Day and I’m off work. Going to my parent’s house for a cookout and I bought a chocolate cake to take. Should be a nice day off I suppose…


            1. Hooray. That sounds nice. I like chocolate cake. It should be very relaxing. Barbecue: I can imagine the smell, and the sauce. Have a great time.


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