Faustti, Collards, and Sheez in the Hague (Draft 0)

Anthony Faustti is an anti-hero
for his masterful expositions
on gain-of-function obfuscation

The pleas.
Oh “Context, context,” in Tony III:
“My Kingdom for a bat out of hell…”

Three million dead by gain-of-function
is a modest amount, helps with over population.

Plagues are normal
a beneficial culling of mostly non-scientists,
often happens in a people’s paradise
for the benefit of the Swiftian gullible
who know the poor, frail and old who are
tired in their malaise, and expendable

Faustti, Collards, and Sheez
say the Juvenalian are Juvenile.

But measured by The Black Plague
the population reduction is not up to standard.

Such an outrage of incompetence
can not be tolerated. Death is needed.

In such circumstance
one would not oppose
a convening of an
ad hoc Criminal Tribunal
for “The Mechanism”
at the United Nations
(a simple firing not
being sufficient), and

a hypodermic firing squad
already appointed and
waiting in the wings of a bat,

let Swiftian justice call for
swift execution.

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