Fauci Tonk Blues

[A blues/rock parody can be tricky if there’s a trochee chorus(accented, unaccented), & you have a technical term of letters.“Honky Tonk Women,” has “Gimme, gimme, gimme.”But I think a blues triplet can be substituted: A triplet has three notes to one beat.Here the triplet is “CGG” (chemical names.) I met her in a gene-stoked lab in ‘olina, she…]

Met her in a gene-stoked lab in ‘olina
and showed me her furin cleavage with a sigh,
she had to spike a glycoprotein on my shoulders
’cause I just can’t seem to drink my science dry

Oh Gain-of-function women
CGG-CGG, so gimmie, the Fauci Tonk blues

She laid a CoV-2 fingerprint in Wuhan, but
I didn’t put up much of a fight,
the lady then covered me in praises
she masked my nose and then she brewed my mind

Oh gain-of-function women
CGG-CGG, so gimmie, the Fauci Tonk blues
Oh gain-of-function women
give me, gimmie, the furin cleavage blues

Gain-of-function women et. al.
give me, give me, Pandora’s brothers too

Honky Tonk Women” by The Rolling Stones
Producer: Jimmy Miller
Composers: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

The Science Suggests a Wuhan Lab Leak
The Covid-19 pathogen has a genetic footprint that has never been observed in a natural coronavirus.
By Steven Quay and Richard Muller

3 thoughts on “Fauci Tonk Blues

  1. It’s satire. I’m trying to get attention to sell my books. Academia praises and gives awards to the most obscure and obtuse poetry, or to their favorite chic trivial poet with a story. It’s like galleries promote worthless art — if they can get a shill to buy it, all their friends make money as long as the Ponzi scheme keeps going. So I’m giving myself an award. Extraterrestrial beings think I’m the best poet of the primitive planets — it’s a backhanded compliment. Actually, I have a poem called, “I hate poetry,” which I generally do, except a few of my own on a Thursday if there’s a blue moon. Bragging is a style that sometimes works for a court jester unless the King orders an execution if he’s not in the mood to laugh.


  2. Fauci funded Gain-of-Function research. The Wuhan Lab created the virus which escaped from the Lab. They stopped all travel from Wuhan to the rest of China, but they allowed travel from Wuhan to the rest of the world. The original incident was an accident, but the deliberate spreading to the rest of the world was a subsequent crime which took advantage of the accident. A strategic section of the virus was altered artificially. There is no process in nature that will insert the double CGG sequence. That is the smoking gun. It’s a fact and not a game. [I am fully vaccinated. Fauci is nevertheless still guilty of a crime.]. CDC’s Redfield has confirmed.


  3. I can’t sing and I don’t know him. I don’t think if I would have met Mozart that I would have necessarily liked him. Music doesn’t always tell me about the person. The narrator of a piece is not always the same as the author. Works of art can be written in many voices like an author of a book or play writes the villain as well as the hero, the brave and the weak…


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