I’m trying a new theme format elsewhere

I started a new blog again; this one called, Poignant Pointed Poems & Puffery Stuffing. This time I’m trying to use the default theme that was suggested, and trying to follow “the simple steps” for new bloggers. I’m trying to use all the default “simple” features. It’s not so simple and whenever they say it’s “intuitive” and so detailed instructions are not needed, I get lost. But I thought I could start over again because all my present blogs have become disorganized and chaotic. Maybe as I layout my new book, I’ll post items to the new blog.

2 thoughts on “I’m trying a new theme format elsewhere

  1. I went to the page and looked around some but I’m not seeing a follow button so that I can get your new posts to my reader. It has to be somewhere simple that I’m overlooking, I’m assuming…


  2. Ok, I put in my email address in the follow box at the bottom of the page, but that will just notify me by email. I don’t think that will make it show up in my wordpress reader still.


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