The Masked Child (Draft 1)

The Masked Child

Critical morning
in Randi’s class,
starting the day
with a flag salute:

“We pledge allegiance to the ping pong
of the united oppressed of America, and
to the proletariat for which it stands,
one iniquity
under Jin:

‘ e pluribus unus Randi magister regnat ‘ “.

Attention! Quiet!
How much is two plus two?
You child!

It is as many as
Mao, Fidel, Marx, and Xi.

How does
two plus two equal five?
You in the back!

It is the quintessence of Marxism.

The Brave Child stood up
removing the mask:

Are you six feet away?

The Brave Child
stuck out his ten foot
spiked tongue, and
wrapped it around
the teacher’s neck

Snow White
took to the front of the room:

Aliens and dwarfs don’t wear masks!

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