For the dogs: Petals & Fen

Petals Comes Home From the Vet

The day is paused for
the treat of love; paws rest,
a flower barks, and then
up a tree, a greeting for Petals:
a squirrel waves its tail
to say be well, and on paws
Fen carries the message home;
the treats are ready. pillows

6 thoughts on “For the dogs: Petals & Fen

  1. I love it! Such a lovely get well poem for dear Petals. And I like that you included Fen in there too! Petals is having a rough time right now. But seems to be feeling better, with all the medicine the Dr put her on. Hope she is back to normal soon. I just fed her some of tgis gastrointestinal canned food the dr prescribed. She eats it up pretty quickly, I guess she likes it! Wish she ate her regular food that enthusiastically!

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    1. That’s a relief that she can eat the prescribed food. I guess they must’ve studied what dogs would be willing to eat — maybe there are some safe spices or equivalent. I know a lot of people don’t like “healthy” food.


      1. Yeah, they also gave her an apetite stimulant medicine so I think that might be helping some too. I just hope she keeps eating good when she has to go back on her regular food. The DR said I can’t add chicken and rice or anything else to ot anymore. Poor Petals!

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        1. Oh no, fat holds all the flavors. Well, it’s a tricky business, and I suppose the vet will have more tricks in the future if necessary. We used to put pills in a ball of raw hamburger and she would swallow it whole, or we’d hide a piece of American cheese in a bowl of dry dog food and she’d eat through it to get to the cheese. But I know you can’t do that because it’s all high in fat. Oh well. Apparently, the typical cheap dog food doesn’t taste that good… I guess escargots in garlic sauce with truffles is out of the question as is black cherry duck…


          1. I know! She’s already on a prescription food because she gets kidney stones, so the Dr said she will need to stay on that with nothing else added. Lol so no black cherry duck! I even bought these things called Pill Pockets that you put the pill in and squish the treat around the pill and then they can’t taste the pill anymore. But I don’t think she’s even supposed to have those. It says 10% fat on the package and I think that’s way too high. Looks like it’s nothing but bland food for Petals from here on out.


            1. I wonder if you can find out what that legendary dog, who was referenced in that famous Southern expression, was eating. The only thing I know about it was that passersby always inquired about that dog, and they always said, “That dog don’t hunt.” But I don’t think Petals is inclined to run for Congress where they use expressions like that to say an idea won’t work. Oh well, sorry Petals.


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