Rafiq and Jannat (Draft 0)

Rafiq, my friend, my love,
plays are forbidden but
you will write this modest girl
the words for a secret blush on cheeks.

Music is forbidden
but you will dance with me.

Because you inhere the day:
the bird sings and it is you.
Birds are forbidden so
they fly, but I breathe in joy
from the sky and it is you.

I am secretly learning spelling.
Invoke my name, Jannat, and
you will have paradise

Because I am washing
watermelon seeds and
not eating them.
I am as fertile as a pomegranate
but my juice is forbidden though
it’s sweet and tart like you.

Write my name on a fig leaf, and
soon I will come and kiss it.

But yet rain inheres the clouds
and salt inheres the tears

Spell me.

2 thoughts on “Rafiq and Jannat (Draft 0)

    1. Thanks. I hope I can expand it, but I wanted to get out my starting notes. I suppose it could be left alone and used as a cliff hanger. I wanted to do an analogous “Romeo & Juliet.”

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