The Throughput of Lies (Draft 0)

The throughtput of lies is rising,
spins and flights of fancy
greatest hype-numbers ever,
self-congratulations highest
at the closing gates of hell.

The dead of the deadline haunt
the Zombies of congress, because
lies are infrastructure: a spin code
for burned bridges to Kabul where
Joan of Arc on the road is beheaded.

2 thoughts on “The Throughput of Lies (Draft 0)

    1. Thanks. The search for metaphors or something goes on… I don’t know if I can expand on this. It was amazing to see such intense obfuscation — bragging about defeat…
          But I can’t find enough personal accounts with the cultural and scenic background of Afghanistan to find the right voice. I could only think of enough for polemics which avoid details. A long time ago, The New York Times used to have in-depth personal essays with background and history. Now they only have shallow pieces. So I don’t have much to go on. It used to be very convenient: I could go to the grocery store, the supermarket, the newsstand at the train station… everywhere and pick up a thick edition of the New York Times. Turning the pages and cutting out articles, believe it or not, was easier than searching on a computer, and it used to be reliable and mostly objective. Now they’re trying very hard to put themselves out of business.
          Anyway, I did find an article from years ago on the internet giving short excerpts of two diaries of school girls in Afghanistan. Not much detail, but it did give a little of the flavor of going to school in good times. Hence I tried
          I don’t know how to get past the superficial reporting and brief articles with little detail. It’s hard to describe with little background available, and hard to find a unique point-of-view.

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