Throughput of Lies (Draft 1)

A Kingdom is given to psychopaths
and serial killers. Delaware’s aware
from vacation on occasion.

Sling the day like a hammock
while parts are played out, applause
stage managed from the broken wings.

“One must get out while the getting is good.”
and leaving is such sour sorrow
in ‘morrow’s marrow arrows, yes

let the throughtput of lies rise,
list spins and flights of fancy
be greatest hype-numbers cited,
let the praise of higher-ups be heightened
with selfies at the closing gates of hell.

Yet, the dead of the deadline haunt
the Zombies of congress, because
lies are infrastructure: a spin code
for burned bridges to Kabul, a
criminal minding in fantasy while
Joan of Arc is beheaded on the road.

What obfuscation is praise worthy now?
Incognito leftovers remain.

An endowment for the arts,
the Senator is writing a new book:
“Criminal Minding.”

A Kingdom is given to psychopaths
and serial killers, those gourmets
who search house-to-house for
those incognito leftovers who
didn’t wish to leave
(Simple Simon says.)

In the blovian House a Fugu rider is passed,
such blowhards with sweethearts
have iron wills to bloviate

Eat and be merry.

7 thoughts on “Throughput of Lies (Draft 1)

  1. Excellent poem, you have really added a lot since draft 0. I really liked the second stanza and the ending 5 lines. The eat and be merry ending was poignant.

    How have you been? Hope all is well. I’ve been a total emotional mess. Petals has her good and bad days. And now my son told me he is moving out, getting an apartment, with a friend. I am totally not ready for him to leave….getting teared up again just typing to you about it.


    1. I’m so sorry. It’s so much. The world in chaos adds a fearful mood on every level. Too many loves to lose at once. Emotions build like storms but it’s hard to know where the fronts are, and what is approaching. I hope your son does well and can share his joy with you. Blessings for Petals. I hope we all can be given a miracle. Maybe a small one — enough to breathe.

      I’m not sure if the poem has gotten too obscure. One has to know all the allusions to know what it’s really about. But I don’t understand how we can contemplate leaving Americans behind and their friends, especially the women. How is this possible. We can pick them up, take them overland if necessary and take down any border crossing obstacles by force if necessary… chase away the border guards and just go.


      1. Petals passed away last night after I got home from work. I can’t stop crying, I’m gonna miss her so bad. I was with her when she died. It is too many loves to lose at once. My heart is breaking and I don’t know how to calm down. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get her cremated but the place is closed on Sunday. So much to deal with.

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        1. So much sorrow, so much missing. She waited for you and you gave her a last comfort and love treat to savor forever. I’ve heard sorrow can be licked, but it’s difficult. Maybe she can have ice cream now and a doggy pizza. Deep breath for Petals so the breezes will be calm and pleasant like a picnic. Love.

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    1. It’s Afghanistan but things haven’t been clarified yet. The President used to hide in his basement in Delaware during the campaign. When he was a Senator he used to commute every weekend back to Delaware, although now he can hide in Camp David near Washington when he doesn’t want to answer reporter’s questions. “Parting is such sweet sorrow” is from Shakespeare. “Criminal Minds” is a TV show about psychopathic killers. “Incognito leftovers” are the Americans left behind, stranded in Afghanistan. Groups in Afghanistan exhibit psychopathic behavior the same as the criminals on the show except they have codified justifications and grand labels and help is given to them by other countries. The spokespeople at the press conferences use a lot of euphemisms and jargon to hide their failures. However, nowadays it’s impossible to debate anything in reality. Real names and places are buzz words for partisans. I suppose maybe after Tuesday or so I can be more explicit with the actual situation. I don’t know… a battle of metaphors may still be necessary.

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