From Fen the Dog With Love

Little sister Petals,
I’ve been pacing and panting
and I don’t know if I should
howl or bark or sleep

Are you playing

Where have you gone?
Can I fetch you love…

I miss you, sister,
paws in prayer
and doggie kisses

Say hi to the Big Dog.

One thought on “From Fen the Dog With Love

  1. Beautiful poem, I love it, thank you. Fen doesn’t understand what is going on but he sure does miss her already. We had her in a box in the living room and he kept going to her and sniffing her, nudging her and wagging like he thought she was sleeping. But when we left to take her to the crematorium and carried the box out of the house he started barking like crazy. He never barks when we leave. Then when we came home without her her kept sniffing us and he moped around the rest of the evening. I guess we are all in mourning right now. I can’t even sit on the couch without crying when because I look over at her cushion and miss her. It’s just going to take some time to heal. Thank you again for the beautiful poem.

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