Note: Loudoun County, Virginia & the poem/song “The Daylight Special” [The Midnight Special]

“The Daylight Special” poem had too many unexplained allusions perhaps (which see). So P.S.:
    In Loudoun County, Virginia, the School Board was trying to implement a Marxist curriculum. Rather than teach pure practical math, reading, and writing, they wanted to add an insidious undercurrent of propaganda to all subjects. Like in Russia and China, they wanted good little citizens obedient to the party, who would, if necessary, report and fight against their parents. When the parents found out, they were outraged. One parent came to an ostensibly public meeting of the School Board to complain for his daughter because she was raped in the bathroom that allowed boys to come in. He was loud and angry, so they stopped him from speaking, and had him arrested. Then a lobbying group prepared a dossier calling parents “domestic terrorists,” among other things. In collusion with the White House, they tricked the Attorney General into asking field offices of the FBI to investigate and possibly charge parents with crimes. Consequently, some parents have been afraid to speak up.
There are also other interesting things to note. The group “Credence Clearwater Revival” wrote a version of the song called “The Midnight Special.” It is a traditional folk song about a special train that ran at midnight. The legend said that if the light of the train shined into a prison cell, then the prisoner would be pardoned by the Governor.
A “garland” is a wreath and also a person’s name.

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