Reading Palms

Once I dreamed.

Twice I had a dream of you:
you put your face in my hand and
I caressed your cheek
like a cloud in my palm, because

I touched the face of fluffy
dove love, silly bird
chirping about our day
where we flirted with the sunny
dallies of the romps to absurd
chaos love, random folly love

We laughed so much of us

Tell me how you are, ’cause
I want to know every
joke of you
every joy

I have our music.
Give me your cheeky songs


Oh Dove,
give us our daily berry,
and gracious are you
to lend us your feather

And when you fly for us
to render our imperfect messages
we wish you good flight, but

if you would say hello to the sky
could you lift our blues, and
speak of the peace
when we would all fly
and hear as you do
a song of heaven

Yes, sing us
the hymn we crave
in the fabric of our questions

Because as you weave your nest
we see you carry the
twigs of an answer
into the Grand womb

And we sing

2 thoughts on “Doves

  1. Beautiful poem, and I love the photo too! “I caressed your cheek
    like a cloud in my palm” is lovely, so imtimate. There are ao many great lines in this.
    Sorry I haven’t been on here much lately. I’ve been kinda distracted by all the crazy stressful things going on. Just had some dental work done, ugh! I hate going to the dentist. I wish I could just regrow a mouth full of perfect teeth!


    1. Thanks. I’m sorry about the many stressful crazy things. I think people could use a metaphorical dentist when they “bite off more than they can chew,” and a metaphorical cow who unlike the girl in Rumpelstiltskin (who can turn straw into gold), can ruminate on a subject and instantly turn grass into ice cream.


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