No Good Wǎngqiú Goes Unpunished

Peng Shuai Takes the Ball In Her Court (Draft 1)

Is it not the nature of animal vice
that the premier Lion party predator
will chase the antelope in shorts?

In the melon of the times
there are melon balls
and tennis balls, but

Ladies of tennis
must not feed
antelope cantaloupe

Deputy underling Mu Nu says
tennis does not exist anymore.

The Vice Premier says “Tenez!”
— take, receive, dear girl, yes
dress gracefully for the Vice
and lift your slip with song, oh

Lambda, mu, nu, do advance
the melancholy letter of the Law
and let slip away the melon collie dogs
who defeat the melancholy of the word

Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi
she’s played

In war, havoc! The spoils, and
the word tennis is disappeared.

Yes, He and every Vice Premier
know the spirit of Tenez!
where the balls are in your
courtrooms and
words are leashed.

3 thoughts on “No Good Wǎngqiú Goes Unpunished

  1. Excellent! I really like the lines:
    “In the melon of the times
    there are melon balls
    and tennis balls, but
    Ladies of tennis
    must not feed
    antelope cantaloupe”

    And I also really liked the melancholy and melon collie word play.

    How have you been? Everything going ok?
    All is ok here. Kinda boring. Just working and getting stuff ready for Christmas…

    Liked by 1 person

    1.     I’m glad everything is OK there. Boring is somewhat better than catastrophe, and it relates to that weird Chinese slogan that is meant as a curse, “May you live in interesting times.” So I suppose the equivalent blessing is “May you live in boring times.” I don’t know though, those ancient guys never seemed to find “Happy times,” well certainly not for the majority of people.
          When I was searching for stuff on Peng Shuai I found somewhere (but forgot to save it) that “melon” was slang in Chinese for a snack that you eat while watching something controversial. And then I remembered the phrase “melon collie” that I used in a minor “Diane” poem (I think it was). But I didn’t pursue anything too much because I had too many windows open and scrap paper drifting around. So I extracted just enough tidbits to use.
          So may sad songs turn happy in the end, and joy to the world with royalties on the song to everyone who has written a verse… oh, I suppose the word “universe” should be given a new false etymology rather than the one where verse is from Latin “versus” meaning turned — turned into one. I think we should stop turning and pretend it means “one poem.” (falsely: uni(One) + verse (poem). It’s derived from Latin, so maybe I should falsely claim it’s from Greek or Sanskrit or something.
          Merry pre-ready Christmas

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    2. P.S. It’s Buck by “Diane”:

      Pass the buck;
      it’s good luck. Let me
      keep him from
      the venison lovers, and
      from Santa Claus
      ’cause I heard he
      works them too hard,
      even rumors there are
      antlers over the fireplace
      at the North Pole retreat

      I will treat him
      to the gifted forest
      where the antelope
      are fed their just cantaloupe
      and melon collie dogs
      bark a lark

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