Can a Pashto speaker explain what Google is doing with “Love” & “Washing?

ایا یو پښتو ویونکی تشریح کولی شي چې ګوګل څه کوي؟

Can a Pashto speaker explain what Google does?

Translating English to Pashto and then translating that result into English:
I did Maine washing her.
ما د هغې مینځل میین وکړل.
I fell in love with her.

One thought on “Can a Pashto speaker explain what Google is doing with “Love” & “Washing?

  1. This is scary. Think about what you might be saying to someone using Google translate. This seems like it might be the tip of an iceberg and worse than the Monty Python’s Flying Circus comedy show where someone wrote a malicious faulty language phrase book. P.S. Although it doesn’t seem likely, Google might fix this, so if you want to test it for yourself, do it now before it becomes a moot point. Anyway, I’ve seen this before, I think it was in Maori where they translated “owl” to murderer which I suppose is OK if are noting how owls are vicious killers in the animal kingdom, but if you’re talking about a wise old owl cartoon character then it’s wrong. I mean, what if you told someone “He’s like a wise old owl” in English and you meant that in a neutral complimentary way — you might get someone killed or start a small war.


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