Sonnet 18 from Best Poems Ever

Conventional wisdom is often wrong.

Best Accessible Free-Verse Poems

The 37 ½ Best Poems Ever: From the 17th Century To Today:

The best verses written are those that are inscrutable and can be used to torture students further who are already adverse to verse that is neither a song to sing nor a foul fowl to come home to roost at the wharves, tired, like a rowdy roustabout too worn to sing low.

In some states, Juveniles who are caught shoplifting poetry books are forced to memorize 37 ½ poems as part of their punishment. Chinese spies who are learning English and disobey orders are punished in a similar way.

1. Sonnet 18

Indeed I’d liken thee to a hot intemperate day.
Thy art work hangs on the wall by the bed:
in the heat and torrents of Summer’s bray
the painting warps ‘n tilts though glee outspreads

Though furies of heaven are too hot tempered to tame

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