She’s Sleeping Around (Draft 1)

She’s said she’s busy ’cause
she’s seeing stars and applauding.

I think she’s seeing
someone named James Webb
but I’ve never seen that actor on the web, or
in the Cannes film festival, and now I’ve
overheard her say she’s sleeping with the stars

I thought she gave up her acting career.

Yeah, before she became an astronomer
she was an actress, and had a few parts
but didn’t want to sleep with any directors

Now she says she’s in love with the stars.
I think we have to break up now
because she says this James Webb guy
is giving her the big bang

If she comes back
I’ll give her the big bang


3 thoughts on “She’s Sleeping Around (Draft 1)

  1. I love it. Perfect ending likes too. Spicy! The starsnare so fascinating.
    How have you been doing? Same old stuff around here. I am job hunting though. Hope I find something soon!!


    1. OH, hurray, my best star commentator. I missed you. Thanks. I’m trying to understand the purpose of living. I can’t help but notice the obituaries of famous people and the males are hovering around 83 or so which as a child I would have thought was ancient. But at 73 I’m thinking that I only have 10 years to do something meaningful, and I think that my language project is impossible. So maybe I have a dog’s life left, but I think I’m much grander than a dog (no insult meant to dogs).
          Oh wonderful you, someone should give you a good job just because you’re such a nurturing person.
          I’m working on my magic powers. But hold on until I finish. Meanwhile I offer you my best common sense best good luck. Be grand, be sensible, be perfect for the situation.
          Oh I see, the stars are so fascinating, but I like “starsnare” — captured by the awe of stars. Some typos are good.


      1. I’ve missed you too! I’ll try to be better about reading and commenting. Seems like life has kept me so busy lately.

        I’m trying to understand the purpose of living too. Maybe there really is no purpose and we are just meant ‘to be’ and to do whatever we do. I don’t know really. I’d like to do something meaningful too.

        You’re a cool 73 though, I would’ve never guessed that age. I would’ve guessed younger if I didn’t already know.
        Thanks for the good luck!!
        Starsnare, haha! Yeah sometimes when typing on this phone I hit the ‘n’ button instead of the space bar.

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