Star Power (She’s Sleeping Around [Draft 2] ) Poetry Edit

She’s said she’s busy ’cause
she’s seeing stars and applauding.

I think she’s seeing
someone named James Webb
but I’ve never seen that actor on the web, or
in the Cannes film festival, and now on edge
I’ve overheard her say she’s sleeping with the stars

I thought it was a clear fact that
she had given up her acting career.

Yeah, before she became an astronomer
she preferred to be an actress, and had a few parts
but didn’t want to sleep with any bartering directors

Now she says she’s in love with the stars.
I think we have to break up now
because she says this James Webb guy
is giving her the big bang

If she comes back
I’ll give her the big bang

*The James Webb Space Telescope is at the L2 point in space orbiting in synchrony with the Earth. It has recorded light from near the beginning of the creation of the Universe, called the “Big Bang”. “Bang” is also slang for having sex.

2 thoughts on “Star Power (She’s Sleeping Around [Draft 2] ) Poetry Edit

    1. Thanks. Allusions always make me nervous because without comments I never know if the joke is understood. It’s only on a rare occasion after a long while when I’ve forgotten what I wrote that I can laugh at my own joke and think that it’s probably OK.


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