Poetry Rises and Falls Because of You

Best Accessible Free-Verse Poems

You Were the Poem, You Were the Rhyme, the Raison d’être, Reasonable and Coy

by Bryan Glennon

I had always left early in the dawn
while you were sleeping, and
the sunrise was uncertain, but

we used to be us
when I rushed home to you
and your cute blush became
a call to jump each other
not just for lust, but
because we were
knowing the bounce
to pounce on a
tête à tête, and a
corps à corps, but
we were both surrendering to laughter
and to ecstasy in a close game
where the balls are in the courtship
and the Lady swings well

We used to be playful
and the fun was a done deal

We had our own dance,
our own grace

We were a story to tell,
a revelation, and

I told you everything just because
you were the most elegant storyteller ever
and I…

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