We GMT-4 are awake now in the afternoon for the children’s longitude lesson in Poetry

Who Is Awake for Children?

Children are told what is supposed to be simple. For example, “God listens to everyone.“. But if they go to science and geography classes, they might begin to ask, “How many people are awake at once, and how many are sleeping.” When a Mother rarely listens to her child, it teaches him that listening to one person is difficult. Listening to a billion people during the day is harder.


75 to 150 degrees East Longitude
seems needed to learn for a college degree
in the future

we’re learning
longitude in school

At a moment
in the morning,
in the afternoon,
from India to Australia
five time zones,
a billion people
are speaking
at the same time, and
God listens to this
all at once?

Can’t you listen to me —
I’m only one

I don’t believe it

She’s giving me a note
to stay out of science and geography class,
says stop talking
do your other homework


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