OMG, Wordle Is Like Bowling

In Some Games I Don’t Understand Purpose or Prestige

    I had a revelation a long time ago about Bowling. They had a TV show featuring “professional” bowlers. I watched a person who had perfect form, stance, and delivery — nothing quirky or erratic. He bowled all strikes, a perfect game. It was boring because he didn’t get to show-off his skills knocking down splits with very elaborate spin, speed, and technique for different splits. The hardest split is when the 7 and 10 pins are left standing after one throw. Each is in the back on opposite sides. There are no other pins near-by. So you have to throw real hard and just touch the edge of one pin in such a way that it bounces off the wall and flies across to knock over the other pin. But the thing is: if you’re really a professional and practice a lot, there is no excuse for NOT getting a perfect score. A given speed and form, spin or no spin, aimed correctly in the traditional pocket or off-target but with a violent spin and speed should always yield a strike. But, actually, I’d say that the 7-10 is really cheating because the idea of the game is to have pins in a chain-reaction knocking each other over — bouncing off the wall is not in the spirit of the game.
    Speaking about bouncing off the wall. I’d say that doing a statistical analysis of which letters are most commonly used in English for Wordle in order to choose a start word is too professional. The basic idea is to show your skill and literacy in the English language, at least as far as 5-letter words. So choosing a random or intuitive start word gives a chance for a 7-10 split, so-to-speak. But actually, I don’t think that essays with 5-letter words are that interesting. I think a mix of clean, sexy 4-letter words through to an 11-letter obfuscation is more likely to be an elegant 7-day wonder.
    Oh! I think we have two opportunities for psychology grad students to do studies. One would be to study whether there is a correlation between bad bowlers and people obsessed with Wordle. A second study would compare the success of three strategies:
    1. Psychics using their best intuition about what the next day’s word will be, and using it as the start word (or last word if successful). Or if clairvoyant, they could draw a picture. So, for example, if they draw a boat, you’d look for a 5-letter word for “boat” like YACHT.
    2. Best statistical choice of start word.
    3. Best choice-words from swearing bowlers (5-letter).

So what’s your best word for tomorrow?

P.S. with Spoiler for Wordle #446

P.S. I only just discovered this game early this morning ( Sept. 8 ) and I was totally confused about what I was supposed to do and why. I thought I was fooling around with some demo model or something. So, I thought, what the hell, I’ll take a chance with it, so I put in “fling”. No reason. Just wanted to see how it worked. So I got “L” in second position. Then I realized that everything else was wrong and eliminated. Then I thought about things that go with “L” as a second letter. That was very annoying — everything I thought of was not a 5-letter word like “always” which is 6, or alight(wrong by length and “i” is already eliminated. So I was mad because I was wasting time for nothing. Then, trying words starting with “SL” seemed possible. After more wasted time when I was about to give up, I entered “sleep”. With it revealed that “S” did not come first I eventually got to CLASS. That took so much time that I vowed never to do it again. Only after feeling totally humiliated did I realize that 3 tries is OK: fling, sleep, class.


2 thoughts on “OMG, Wordle Is Like Bowling

  1. I had the same experience with World lol. A fellow blogger talked about it and I got curious and tried it. I had no idea what to do or how to do it and after a couple of tries I just gave up.

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