Climbing Mountains Is Not Always Possible

Climbing Away

While I was in exile,
I spoke to the mountain
expecting an esoteric voice
to thunder an answer to loneliness

Yet, the mountain of tears
shed a river as an answer, but
I had fish in the river to catch, and
they did not speak either.

One day I will return to your house
when the walls no longer have ears
and when I am not so notorious
that you can not speak my name

I will have a song to sing at sunrise
when the executions stop
fools stop squealing
and there are foods
for thought and for stomach,

At high noon, only
the birds will do a chorus for us
and jackals will lie down to hear
stories of a reading lamb

We will eat and
fish for answers,
climb mountains together, and then
I’ll never again hear you say, “go and be well”
and I won’t ever say “goodbye”.

We will be fine
together like
a mountain of love
and our rivers will


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