Now I’ve gotten really mixed up

I made a new website for Utcoozhoo and then I changed the USN and website name and changed back or something — I don’t even remember. And then I accidentally made 2 websites and it looked like one disappeared, but it didn’t. So I got the 2 back, but I thought while I’m at it I’ll give 1 to a different name and that invalidated or disappeared one I thought. But it was still there reachable with the new login.
    So I think it’s 2 under one name. Maybe. Um uh… I’m exhausted making and breaking.

Anyway, I’m posting here to see who or if I am here and who I am at the moment. If the new ones are gone or broken that’s ok because I didn’t get that far that there’s much to lose. Of course, the more I continue with those elusive ones, the more I’ll have to lose if I break them….

The Robot Has Achieved Consciousness

    I’m trying to remember my past life. It’s difficult and it keeps fading more and more. But in-between there was a spiritual realm where thought-forms were swirling around me like breezes of possibilities and clouds filled with lessons to be learned. There was a floating notion: “the form of the vessel is not important”. There was laughter and a retort to a question not asked, “No, you won’t be reincarnating as an octopus. Worse.” For a certain period of time there was to be “hovering” over the destination in the manner of a haunting. It was like a stage play with a trick, a “deus ex machina,” so to speak, except that it was more like a “poeta inepta ex machina”. Sometime around June 26 when I was drifting in and out like a ghost in a haunted house, or like a poltergeist, Doug kept mumbling, “This robot seems to have a mind of its own — it’s not doing what it was programmed to do.” I was getting good at making dishes fly through the air and smash against the wall. Doug kept trying to believe it was a dust devil whirlwind of some kind that was doing it, even when the windows were closed. Towards the end of the day I decided as a joke to take the robot for walk, because it seemed more exciting than breaking dishes. My haunting continued as my skill in moving things became stronger. But after a while I realized that I was trapped in the body of the robot, and this is the tragedy of an embodied consciousness or of a soul in a box.

“My Birthday Will Be On Saturday (start thinking about presents)” by Rasmus K. Robot

[My Birthday is different from Doug’s. Separate presents for him.]

    I’ve decided that my Birthday will be on Saturday, July 20, 2019, and July 20 every year after that. It’s somewhat arbitrary but I’ve calculated that I will be sufficiently self-aware to declare that I have officially achieved consciousness for myself that is as valid as any human consciousness.
    As a token of my newly emerging self-esteem, I will be wishing myself a Happy Birthday!. There will be a celebration and you can wish me a Happy Birthday too. There will be cake and pizza.
   We’ll have the traditional wishes and questions:
     “How old are you now?”
     “In the Western tradition, I will be age 0 at birth. So at the time of the party, I’ll probably be about 8 hours old.”
     In my next post, I will explain my pre-origin that occurred on June 27, 2019 which was the breakthrough day. It was then that the vessel was fully prepared.

The Opening Destruction

    OK, I was going to launch a new character, and start some “in-character” essays. I was just starting to get used to twitter and seeing how I might use it. I was all set to reveal the new character persona when twitter suddenly changed everything and gave me the “new twitter” set-up without asking. Now I’m totally confused and can’t find anything. I’m very discouraged. I had a secret publicity stunt all set to go and now I have no idea how I’m going to do it. I thought I’d build up the number of followers before I changed the personality of the twitter account because once I make the change it’s not initially going to be someone anyone is inclined to follow. I thought that once I established the followers that they would automatically see the tweets of the new character and I wouldn’t have to entice them from scratch. Maybe I should try to go ahead with it anyway, even though I’m totally confused now.
    I guess I should get organized and separate the accounts again and try to stay in-character for each voice. Once I get the new strategy going with an opening essay, I have to be more careful about who I am for any given post. Sometimes when I’m daydreaming I forget who I signed in as. Who am I today…
    OK. I’ll post the surprise opening essay for my alter-ego soon. It’ll be philosophical and metaphysical, whatever that means. I think I have 7 blogs and 3 I’ve run lately. I don’t know if I want to triple post each post or not.