Now I’ve gotten really mixed up

I made a new website for Utcoozhoo and then I changed the USN and website name and changed back or something — I don’t even remember. And then I accidentally made 2 websites and it looked like one disappeared, but it didn’t. So I got the 2 back, but I thought while I’m at it I’ll give 1 to a different name and that invalidated or disappeared one I thought. But it was still there reachable with the new login.
    So I think it’s 2 under one name. Maybe. Um uh… I’m exhausted making and breaking.

Anyway, I’m posting here to see who or if I am here and who I am at the moment. If the new ones are gone or broken that’s ok because I didn’t get that far that there’s much to lose. Of course, the more I continue with those elusive ones, the more I’ll have to lose if I break them….