Flabbergasting Me (My quick jump into poetry today)

Best Accessible Free-Verse Poems

I did this quickly without thinking too much

I’m Here
by Cheryl Kurtz

He’s always happy to find me in the morning
like I’m a newly discovered treat in bed beside him.

He has the delight as if surprised to find me not a dream,
and he will jump up and sing to me because
I sing back

Yesterday we played well, and had our games;
today needs only breakfast, the egg yoke
and morning joke, because
laughter is a miracle.

Sometimes he has a nightmare, and
I cry for him, but if it’s bizarre
he’ll say it’s from childhood, and
he’ll remind me that I’m still
the silliest adult he knows
how to play with, and
he’ll turn around and cry
and turn back with a smile

In the morning
he’s surprised to find me not a dream,
and I hug him so hard because
I’m surprised too.

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The Pregnant Girls Have A Band and a Poem

Preggo Girls Band
by Cheryl Kurtz

We compose music
pro utero publico, ’cause
little guy kicks in vivo tunes

The adoption clique came
they saw, they loved us enough
to make the preggo club house, and

we’ve got a band and have
the stomach for it, ’cause

the little guy likes it

Hard getting up on stage, but
I can sit down at the keyboards while
the others might hang the guitars low
or maybe switch to flute.

sad though that Luna
had a miscarriage when
demonstrators attacked our home,
women screaming “abortion.”

We’re getting security for the next gig
so our band can play on, ’cause
the little guy likes music, and
it’s been a while since Mom
sang a lullaby to me before
the righteous folks threw me
out of the house

The testosterones have
taken their faux love talk
and walked no-way sorry
in a fling-run spring ball
all gall and no crown
little boys all grown down,
no bacon to bring home
as gallant as pigs when
the jig dance rabbit dies

We’ve got a new concert tour,
and the adoptive parents
will applaud and wait in the wings,
little guy soon to fly and be King.