Success is exciting to share,
newest growth of blossom from afar

I love translating her messages when
I wake up in a foreign land: she said
her newest Dahlia flower was so pretty in the morning, my
favorite blue sky color in the background, and I thought

so pretty in the morning if
she swirls around the innermost petals,
has an epiphany about the yellow middle of a Dahlia sun, and if
while I’m away, she takes a soapy long shower, listens
to the birds I’ve sent to chatter with her until I’m back,
pampers herself like she deserves, puts on some makeup,
looks at herself in the mirror and thinks of me as present
in the chirpy birds and wavy flowers of the day, or
at least I imagine she’s an extrapolation-ist, because
I imagine much about soft things and I think she knows
that certain bees don’t sting if I sent them