Vlad Putnik [2/23] (Draft 0)

To Fill a Dumpling

No one would say that
Vlad Stalinovich Putnik
is as low as Vlad the Impaler
because Putnik has high tanks,
missiles and poison

In such times of tyrants and death
it’s best not to know a Mother
because her children will scream, and
you will gasp and choke and cry.

Bohdana is dead because
she rolled out a flour shell
for the freedom march, defending
Ukraine for her children

But the wise wandering Putnik knew
every serf in the his Empire should have
a marionet-kovyy ruler, his marionetochnoye

Zoryana and Bohdana are dead because
in protest they launched boiled
cherry-brandy dumplings; with a prayer

they launched them into a
holy gangster’s bakery afoot
where the Stalinesque squatters
were paid to stay put

and the Putnik gang avenged
the dumpling protest
with artillery shells

Olena, Zoryana, Nastya, and Bohdana
are dead in Ukraine

They rolled out a flour shell
that filled with blood, because
they were hungry for freedom

and Vlad worships his
saintly Mother Russia.