Where is Peng Shuai Really? (Draft 4) 彭帅到底在哪里真的?

Peng Shuai Takes the Ball In Her Court (Draft 4)
彭帅到底在哪里真的 ?

Is it not congenital animal vice that
the premier Lion party predator will
tend to grope a tennis antelope in
a frilly short dress, but spin still:

In the melon of the times
there are melon balls
and tennis balls, and

The Ladies of tennis blue
must not grant
the antelope cantaloupe
’cause still the spin brews

Deputy underling Mu Nu says
tennis does not exist anymore.

The Vice Premier says “Tenez!”
(embracing Old French like a kiss)
— take, receive, dear girl, yes
dress gracefully for the Vice
and lift your slip with song, oh

Lambda, mu, nu, do advance
the melancholy letter of the Law
and let slip away the melon collie dogs
who defeat the melancholy of the word

Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi
she’s played

In war, havoc! The spoils, and
the word tennis is disappeared.

Yes, He and every Vice Premier
know the spirit of Tenez!
where the balls are in his
courtrooms and
words are leashed.

vice will be vice,
party will be party,