Litchi Regime

A more emotional version of the Wuhan Plague poems which maybe were too much like lectures, perhaps.

Oh citizen,
display your social demerits:

for the freeze police you’re a twisted Atheist
for your forgiveness you’re a Christian
and to learn and return you’re a Buddhist,
but just endure for now like a stoic soldier

Xiuying my love, listen —
It’s a secret but I heard
the children wail like adults,
saw a new born in the gutter

tighten your belt I’ve heard, and
the road to paradise extrudes cement

I know disasters open and close up, but
they’ve cemented Xiong’an’s door shut.

Hooray comrades!

I’ve seen the children sob though
a drunken teacher cries to them
that dynasties rise and fall, and

I’ve seen the Wuhan plague
and I’ve seen a Litchi reign. If
I could bolt with you on horseback
like in a Western
we’d ride at sunset.

I’ve seen the children sob, but
I cry to them like a drunken teacher:
play children, play for today’s laugh

alas, the nuts and bolts of empire
require tyrants to remain.

Behold their great gifts:
their Big Brother infrastructure,
their Marxist bridge to Armageddon

I’ve heard the word:
no one can leave his castle, nor
can she leave her palace
and children play with their
toy soldiers and dolls
with little food left at the door

Xiuying my love, if I were a drunken teacher
I’d tell you about this in a whisper that the
lock-down is courtesy of the Wuhan Lab
the pride of the nation, super science
for the belt and road to the foolish world
and see if you were to look —
see as the Romans and the Mongols did:
They came, they saw, they conquered, they
seized their rightful hegemony

Xiuying, you know
for the Olympics
our doors were sealed.

Many Millions were dead.
Of course —
That’s how it’s done

I’ve seen the Wuhan plague
and I’ve seen a Litchi reign

Nuts to all, and
Xiuying, let us perish like
terra cotta warriors unearthed
and glad to see the sunset