Oh My Cron & Bamboozle: I Got Banned (Draft 1)

Oh My Cron
    by Alice

It’s not just that I’m fat and ugly.
Oh My Cron.

OMC Stacey, I got banned
for the humanized mice comment…
Mu, Nu, Xi
OMC! Burn my Prom Dress
Zoom zone me out.

Yeah, I’m a dissident variant, but
it’s not only just, OMG, ha, my
muumuu dress dance with ukulele
got banned from Me-meTube; it’s
not just an Aloha

Got banned from Spacey Bookie too
and from the Ticks
of life. Failed school.

Went to THE party
found a pill on the floor,
and saw it on the news
so I knew exactly
what it was when I saved it.

Give out my other letters.
Tell my Mom it was an accident.
Burn my Prom Dress, but
it wasn’t an accident.

Remember two years ago?
Yeah, actually, I liked
math and pi and pie, ’cause
my math and science teachers
were so cool and hot like STEM trends
hot trends for girls in space, yeah, and
bio lab rats and stuff.

Everyone knows
I was fat and ugly when I was alive
but they lie like science lies. It’s a
lie world. It’s
about dead lab rats and mice
and re-education camps
and slave labor and death

Didn’t think I’d fail science, ’cause
the teachers would be afraid to teacher or something
or I’m stupid and fat and ugly and all that.
Brandon got myocarditis from a booster.

I’m sorry I told you Brandon
was a good guy. He was shy,
nice to me, didn’t know
he’d join the rapeseed club for you.
Didn’t know it wasn’t about Botany, and
I think Science is evil now without good seeds.

All those humanized mice and puppies, and
I think I was ‘barking up the wrong tree’.

I could have done a crash diet, but
I took the pill from the floor.

I’m sorry. Give out the other letters.

I’m sorry to leave you behind
to suffer through the Armageddon.
I hope you got the abortion.