Oh My Cron: Banned from the Palace (Draft 7)

Princess Beast
[Oh My Cron (7)]
    by Alice

In fat assignments
I explain death or not.

Oh hell, because
this muddy muddled mind puddle
is like a dark pudding, I cry out in

my lugubrious night where I
fatten up with empty words, but

I have my vocabulary list to learn
and my last will to write.

A girl in her ugliness
can be a beast, and

I have been condemned
to a plague of loneliness
by an evil milieu

It is an elite rule:
the beautiful witches and warlocks
possess the favors and powers

But from their palaces
in holly woods and
from party districts
come many sycophants
to mandate loneliness
in loco parentis

I am a beast girl
in a shanty castle
without magic powers

I write this letter for Stacey
because I smashed my keyboard:

Why a death chord? Because…

there had been mocking awes
in every voiced pshaw
smirking behind a mask;
I could hear their snide smile
rubbing against the cloth

It’s not just that I’m fat and ugly.
Oh My Cron, I’m beastly

OMC Stacey, I got banned
for the humanized mice comment…
Mu, Nu, Xi
OMC! Burn my Prom Dress
Zoom zone me out.

Yeah, I’m a dissident variant, but
it’s not only just, OMG, ha, my
muumuu dress dance with ukulele
got banned from Me-meTube; it’s
not just an Aloha

Got banned from Spacey Bookie too
and from the Ticks
of skewed life. Failed school.

School is a place of hurt
anyway. Shouldn’t be
anymore children born
like me, fat Alice abysmal.
I am a beast without magic.

Burn my Prom Dress ’cause
I have never danced, though

even I was at THE party, but
they hated me, and I
eyed a pill on the floor,
and saw it on the news
so I knew its deadly ruse
when I saved it.

Give out my other letters.
Tell my Mom it was an accident.
Burn my Prom Dress, but my death
wasn’t an accident, it was Science
and Chemistry by the evil, though
they did me a favor.

Remember two years ago?
Yeah, actually, I liked
math and pi and pie, ’cause
my math and science teachers’ chats
were so cool and hot like STEM trends,
hot trends for girls in space, yeah, and
bio lab rats and stuff like that.

Everyone had always known
I was fat and ugly, but
they lie like science lies. It’s a
lie world. It’s
about dead lab rats and mice
and re-education camps
and slave labor and death.
It is a world of tyrants,
of dark pudding witches
and princely warlocks

Didn’t think I’d fail science, just because
the teachers were afraid to teach or something
and they were under an evil spell.

I would have learned it as my own blend
if I were brilliant and didn’t need a teacher
didn’t need a boyfriend, didn’t need a friend.
I would need a magic wand and a frog Prince

I failed science alone because
I had been fat and ugly and too stupid
to have figured out the truth on my own. Yeah, and
Brandon got myocarditis from a booster.

I’m sorry I told you Brandon
was a good guy. He was shy,
nice to me, didn’t know you’d bleed
when he joined the rapeseed club. Didn’t
know it wasn’t about Botany, and I think
Science is evil now without good seeds.

All those humanized mice and puppies, and
I think I was ‘barking up the wrong tree’.
The RNA has jumped from tree to tree,
and the dogs are lost.

So Science is a political sport not for girls
(or me anyway), renamed fats and oil
in unctuous lies and taunts, and so

Even after another lab leak,
they’re hiding the therapeutics…

My favorite cousins were teased on Spacey Bookie:
labeled obese beasts
and they died without the virus pill.
No therapeutic cry and I miss them.

I could have done a crash diet, but
I swallowed the pill from the floor.

I’m sorry. Give out the other letters.

I’m sorry to leave you behind
to suffer through the Armageddon.
I hope you got the abortion.

All I want is chocolate pudding,
and a masterpiece.