Pregnant Silence

[Draft 5]
Pregnant Silence
    by “Inna”
    (Douglas Gilbert)

Grygoriy and I are not deranged
permanent members of humanity
because names can be changed.

But I name my tears compassion,
yes, my soul streaming out like a jet
and I am a splash and a giggle smile

Seems like a dream, but
I believe, I met Grygoriy
a lifeguard in my stream
in magnificent Kyiv
when I eyed him on
Khreshchatyk boulevard, he
standing beneath the empty marble plinth
more virtuous than any Lenin,
his proud handsome self smiling at me
that glorious day when the Maidan revolution
was still full of excitement, of fun
of blue and yellow-golden flowers on sale,
and I said coyly into the air: hey I am Inna.

Yes, of this you know, every revolution requires
a dream and a kiss of consummation

But still, romance takes time
and names change beyond the Summer,
but he had bought me a blue and yellow scarf
as buskers sang to my heart with glee and glory
and Grygoriy was so cute

But all of us in our glories of blue and yellow
have come to know that we
are not permanent members of humanity

We are not permanent members
of the UN security council

Grygoriy is so cute, but he,
is not a permanent member
of any council
and I am pregnant

Like editors of a love doctrine,
Grygoriy and I have been
thinking of names with furor
and we’re not so young anymore.

Yet, finding my splash and panache
in blues with yellow flower tickle belly,
my soul is streaming out like an inner jet


the Russians have
made name changes:
The Maternity Hospital
is now “The Nazi Military Center.”
Food and water are
“enemy Nazi supplies.”

And it’s been a long time since the Summer when
Grygoriy and I were served sweet green tea, and
a simple slice of rye bread with pork lard

But there are pigs who serve on the security council
and the swine have proclaimed that Ukraine doesn’t exist.

We are not permanent members of humanity
because the svyni have nuclear weapons and
the West is afraid to call out names in sanity

I am a fast flowing stream of tears.

The svyni have told the Russian people that
there are locusts in the province of Ukraine
and it threatens Russian wheat gains, so
for the safety of the crops stolen, these
insane name regimens mean
chemical weapons will reign, ’cause
there is no dratted locust that
is a member of humanity.

I, Inna, am not a member
of the security council or NATO
and I have no water in the basement
of the renamed Maternity Hospital.

I have not chosen a name,
and Grygoriy misses my kiss.