Vlad Putnik the Great (Draft 1)

Vlad Putnik Rides Again

Besides riding bare-chested on horseback
Vlad Putnik is a champion Shot Putter

The wayfaring Russkiy is Supernik, able to
shot put a cannon ball 22.84 meters like
a super Stalin stallion wandering into Belarus
ready to give the wayfarer’s signal, and

the milquetoasts are behind the eightball as
Putnik plays the US pool game
to shot put a billiard ball around the world

For Russia always
glory and gory, and
no one remembers anything
about the Ukrainian famine

a boy saw
in Stavyshche
bodies swollen, and
endured the stench of
wayfarers digging
into barren gardens
for food

The Holodomor
for the glory of Russia
starved a modest 3.9 million
for the collective, but Putnik

only wants to shot put a cannon ball
in Belarus as an exercise, only wants to
re-educate Ukrainian intellectuals about
Russkiy Star Trek cyber weapons, and
govorya cyber Borg saying
“resistance is futile”