The Amusement Park in Replica Mariupol at The Azovstal Steel Plant

The Haunted House Tour (draft 1)
[this first draft is an outline: I haven’t done rhymes and rhythm yet. It may not be worth finishing.]

Certain Russian Oligarchs love
dangerous amusement parks.

The chief always says
if one customer dies,
you gain back three

The building that I guard and show
is part of a haunted house tour
that includes haunted factories
at no extra charge

I’m a night watchman here
with a sore throat, but
it’s my job.

I work the graveyard shift
that begins at midnight and
people who buy midnight tickets
find it scary

Although my building is just a
derelict steel plant
I still scream when
the ghosts show up
though not everyone sees them.

We sell more tickets when I cry.
It doesn’t actually take a lot of acting skill
because the children often say
they want to see the sun, and
my wife, her Mother, and our precious Mikhaila
said the same thing on a video
a while ago.

Sometimes I tell a story
to keep the customers calm
and cajole them into not
breaking the apparition rules:

Never tell them it’s “The Light,”
and not the sun they should seek

Besides seeking the sun,
some children ask
where Mommy is.

It can be a problem when
a Mom comes for her child
and they disappear. Then
there can be a shortage of ghosts.

Sad, but in this exhibit
we must consult
“Putnik’s Manual for
The Promulgation of Accidents in War”

The chief always says
if one customer dies,
you gain back three.
So an accident happens.
Cruise missiles apparently
can malfunction,
or there’s a strategic cave-in,
it is said.

Since we don’t make steel anymore
all of this is necessary, and
we need a land bridge to
the Devil’s headquarters.