Bearing Witness Bearing Burdens

Bearing Witness Bearing Burdens

Savages in the cabin
ripped its heart apart,
left nearly nothing
but sorrow and dregs.

Savages in the cabin
smashed to pieces
every stick of stove
strut of bed, left

nearly nothing but
spread in beer and urine,
footprints on the windows.

Oh Mother of infamy
with children in crime

in drinking my
100 autumn beers,
could you have
at least left a bed.

Though Norwegian krones are dear
you and your cronies scouted my cabin
for marshmallows
for honey and for beer

Infamous deeds
I will testify
to these indeed:
costly damage
smashed appliances

How sad to see
footprints on the windows
and honey on the beer

Oh dear,
Mothers in Finnmarken
have you taught your
cub scouts how to find beer?

My cabin in Jarfjord is destroyed
for honey and for beer, so I ask:
why don’t bears carry money
or manners or bear credit cards

If I must bear witness I will
until there is bare justice