Happy Song (2)

Actually not happy. An unfortunate tease is needed because the excerpt maker and displayer thing doesn’t format poetry lines and just jumbles it together. Skip this if you’re not in an excerpt box. I don’t really don’t want to copy the beginning with slashes. Do I? Loneliness is being good/One forlorn is/misunderstood///Loneliness is/missing you,/said that I’d wait for you/ And now you’re dead, and/it’s not said/pourquoi/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Loneliness Song (2)

Loneliness is being good
One forlorn is

Loneliness is
missing you,
said that I’d wait for you
And now you’re dead, and
it’s not said

Did we not
quaff a brew
of brooding love
sweet sadness

My breeziness now…
is whispered song,
the duet is
left for dead and

you said you’d
be a chorus too, so

Life is draining
down a drain, and
all I know is

is you

And there is no chorus
can’t believe this day
at all, and

I cry so loud
my dog
just howls
at me

and he with love
a melody
that’s coming down