She knew
once will be enough for him–
in heaven he will not
wait for her last breath

At a moment after death
he spoke to her
emerging in a fog of stunned silence
blending into her thoughts, but
already now soon after
he no longer will speak to her
from the heaven she
wouldn’t deny him
though they fought

She had been taught
she was going to hell
but she had one
last secret to tell him
to ensure the bliss
she wished him

She asked around,
have you spoken to God,
have you seen Him, but
no one was believable

Someone must speak to God
or his Butler, for me
for I can not and someone
must give him my secret

She confessed to the holyman
said, tell him the secret, and
for a moment held her breath

Go now she said,
taking a deep breath, and

shot him dead
as she gladly awaited hell

All three would meet
it’s known
but where
for whom