Caveman On Red Deer

On forest’s edge
my spear seems not steady
stone’s throw away
from missing red deer
gone with cattle, fenced
by plank woods, tame

Still frozen out
on edge
I’ve lost my
beyond the Ice Age

She, a city woman is
like a red deer, but
she will not stray
stays deep in the jungle; it’s

hard to ambush her heart
when I am edgy
my spear heavy

she will not touch
the edge of my brow
the forest of my desire
I meet her for coffee
at the Antelope Hotel
mind my manners —
small spoon on cantaloupe

Her roundness has
astounded me, a
glorious ballet dances her
to our table
ecstasy tableau

The mâitre d’ hôtel
knows her kindness
smiles at us, serves
mixed pleasures
without a raised eyebrow —
he is a fine shaman
uncorks champagne
and venison.

Gorgeous is the evening
when she speaks to me
as hunter of love
knows my appetite profoundly

She strokes
the hair of my back
of my buttocks,
raises me right
with sheep skin
on my rod
to save my genes
for a future
cherished child
when glory would be our name,
dancers of wealth
secretly sharing
with every child who cries
as have we

Never have I seen
such a feast

She is a smile, and
I am a sigh,
my hug accepted.

I am we,
we sing

Ring me forever