If I Could Rest

I am too weak and wounded
to march with you. Let me rest
to remember when you removed
your head scarf in secret retreat
where all the young go to
smell the mountain scent
feel freedom’s breeze

Beaten down
Hard to breathe

I count my breaths
but remember me by the mountain stream
where a breeze caressed your secret hair
and I dared to smile on the giggle of the day
blessed conversation
revelations and a kiss

I miss it on
this last day when
I count my breaths, but
leave me now to green the day

Leave me for Enghelab street
or Azadi Square, or
wherever you will be
to kiss freedom for me

But be so careful — please,
could you
not be the
last martyr

I need you to come back, brave dear
to let me
give you my praise, because

I could breathe you in
and whisper I love you