eeHuh Light

Jack Chelka* experimented with the re-assignment of word function. He forced the verb to be noun with an article: “the IS” — beingness; preposition with verb also used to force the verb to be a noun: “with COULD” means “with hope”…

eeHuh Light
    by “Jack Chelka”*

sanguine pump in the played
the laughed love gushed
with could by the wished
the is by the bleed
a duel duet sings
the where ever light
up pump the huh down
duh the why burden heavy

beamed out the shadowed
the light by the be
sings the shine
on flashlight, onward

*a poem by a character from the ebook “The Blog That Would Destroy the World”, and from the paperback, “The Fog of the Caveman’s Blog”