Une traduction du poème intitulé “She’s an Anecdote for Easter”

C’est une anecdote pour Pâques

Nous avons regardé l’écran jouer
dans les Ides des péchés de mars
et l’azithromycine

en étudiant les oracles de la science
la dame elle-même a adopté un protocole convenu:
études contrôlées randomisées

Il est essentiel d’avoir un placebo
l’hydroxychloroquine n’est pas suffisante

Bien que ludique en plaisanteries aimantes, elle a dit
“étude formelle” est “le truc de Shakespeare”, et
les anecdotes sont pour les imbéciles collants
qui tombent pour des histoires miraculeuses

anecdote pointillante
un péché

Je l’ai suppliée de le prendre,
et les pièces étaient la chose, mais

les nuages ​​se rassemblaient
la tempête des cytokines approche,
un rapprochement pour
Didier * et Tony **
pas encore

Même s’ils ont dit
elle était trop vieille
pour la vie,
je l’adore elle

Elle avait adoré étudier
quand elle était étudiante
puis trouvé son doctorat Zen
études contrôlées randomisées

Elle a fait des études à l’époque
et elle était alors professeur

Mais elle a embrassé
les tragédies du protocole,
et Didier n’était pas un saint;
celui-ci ni connu pour
truffes ni foie gras.

Nous étions passés de
de station en station
dans une vallée préférée de nous
où nous avions d’abord embrassé le jour;
Charlie le chien a gardé des moutons pour nous
et il a aboyé en nous voyant jouer, et
nous avions cherché la rédemption ainsi, mais

Macron est allé à Marseille
disant: “Who knows what”
pour l’oreille de Raoult, mais

Elle, mon amour, a embrassé les protocoles
dans une étude contrôlée randomisée
parce qu’elle est professeur dans l’âme

nous connaissions les pensées des cytokines
étaient dans les nuages, oui, mais les protocoles
étaient divins, montrant
mettez vos orteils dans l’eau

Elle a obtenu un placebo;
elle mourut.
It’s an anecdote for Easter

We watched the screen play
in the Ideas of March sins
and azithromycin

studying the oracles of science
the lady herself adopted an agreed protocol:
randomized controlled studies

It is essential to have a placebo
hydroxychloroquine is not enough

Although playful in loving jokes, she said
“formal study” is “Shakespeare’s thing”, and
the anecdotes are for sticky fools
who fall for miraculous stories

dainty anecdote
a sin

I begged her to take it,
and the parts were the thing but

the clouds gathered
the cytokine storm is approaching,
a reconciliation for
Didier * and Tony **
not yet

Even if they said
she was too old
for life,
I adore her

She loved studying
when she was a student
then found her Zen doctorate
randomized controlled studies

She studied at the time
and she was then a teacher

But she kissed
the tragedies of protocol,
and Didier was not a saint;
this one neither known for
truffles or foie gras.

We had gone from
from station to station
in a valley preferred by us
where we first kissed the day;
Charlie the dog kept sheep for us
and he barked when he saw us playing, and
we had sought redemption as well but

Macron went to Marseille
saying “je ne sais quoi”
for Raoult’s ear, but

She, my love, has embraced protocols
in a randomized controlled study
because she is a teacher at heart

we knew the thoughts of cytokines
were in the clouds, yes, but the protocols
were divine, showing
put your toes in the water

She got a placebo;
she died.

Lei, l’Alta Sacerdotessa, scrive una poesia in italiano

Camminando Con La musica Dell’amore Che Canto
    “Zawmb’yee Nuje”

Da lontano ho sentito il suo
basso profondo

Gli alberi erano pieni di soprani aviari
e dal svolazzando
i fiori di ciliegio sono caduti su di me
ha reso il mio cuore roseo a
soprano coloratura

nello scalpiccio della canzone andante,
un uccello aveva un verme nel suo conto
al dente in ondeggiamento
un trillo per la colazione

Ho canticchiato allegretto
ho sentito la risata del mio amante, e
un cardinale sollevò il suo
coda a ventaglio a me
quelle canzoni cinguettanti
canzoncina cinguettante
non per caso di notte
o sciocca canzone daffodil gialla
un’aria per me
il frivolo me,
Ho saltato un passo

Si voltò e mi vide
dal punto di incontro

Più vicino, ma non
abbastanza vicino
Ho fatto un entrechat

Alzò le braccia
il suo sorriso

Più allegro
Ho fatto un salto

Presto, ho corso
e saltò tra le sue braccia,
percussioni e bacio
(The English directly below is a literal translation. The original I put after this version)
Walking With The Music Of Love I Sing

From a distance I felt his
deep bass

The trees were full of avian sopranos
and by fluttering
cherry blossoms have fallen on me
made my heart pink a
soprano coloring

I walked
in the patter of the going song,
a bird had a worm in its account
al dente in sway
a trill for breakfast

I hummed allegretto
I heard the laugh of my lover, and
a cardinal raised his
fan tail to me
those chirping songs
twittering song
not by chance at night
or silly yellow daffodil song
an Aria for me
the frivolous me,
I skipped a step

He turned and saw me
from the meeting point

Closer, but not
close enough
I did an entrechat

He raised his arms
his smile

Most cheerful
I jumped

Soon, I ran
and jumped into his arms,
percussion and kiss
From afar I heard his
basso profundo

The trees were full of avian sopranos
and from the flitting
cherry blossoms fell on me
made my rosy heart a
coloratura soprano

I walked
in the patter of andante song,
a bird had a worm in his bill
al dente in wiggle
a breakfast trill

I hummed allegretto
heard my lover’s laugh, and
a cardinal lifted its
fan tail at me
those chirpy songs
a twitty ditty
not whippoorwill of night
or silly yellow daffodil song
a dilly to me
dilly I,
I skipped a beat

He turned and saw me
from the rendezvous point

Closer, but not
near enough
I did an entrechat

He lifted his arms
his smile

Più allegro
I leaped

Presto, I ran
and jumped into his arms,
percussion and kiss

Ако трябва да отидете (Macedonian)

Остави ме, ако мора да одиш на друга љубов

Имате желби за секс
исто како и кога Сонцето таа себе
таа мора да ја посака темнината на просторот
и мора да бара да го свртиме нашето лице

Јас нема да дозволам Сонцето да постави на нас , и
Не можам да спијам навечер
кога топлината на Лето е ладна
Leave me, if you must go to another love

You have sex wishes
the same as when the Sun itself
she must wish the darkness of the space
and must seek to turn our face

I will not let the sun set for us, and
I can not sleep at night
when the heat of Summer is cold

目に見えない愛 ダグラス・ギルバート



Guden du ser är inte osynlig,
Det är en bedragare som följer sin stenbrott med onda böner

Bedrägeri visar inte osynlig kärlek;
Det erbjuder översättningar som dagligt bröd

Qu’est-ce que l’amour?

En visite en Amérique, je l’ai rencontrée
dans un champ de renoncules qui
les habitants appellent des tasses à beurre

Elle est ma tasse beurre chérie

Elle voulait m’offrir un partenariat
dans ses affaires à elle et pour partager des affaires.

Près de Paris, nous sommes allés à l’appartement à elle
plus de sa boulangerie et elle était chaude comme
le plaisir de la journée fait
la joie de gambader à la maison

Nous avons refroidi avec un vin pour la nuit
qu’elle a recommandé pour un câlin
et un tête-à-tête avec intimité

et comme nos voix modulées à un ronronnement
nous avons déroulé un linge comme une feuille de pâte
et ma petite amie, Chérie Beurre,
fondue dans le lit

Nous nous sommes pétris en couches de joie
pour être croustillant et feuilleté comme un croissant

Au matin, je suis parti tôt pour acheter du beurre et
Je me demandais qu’est-ce qu’un croissant
si le faire c’est ne pas l’avoir?

Je suis revenu incertain.

J’ai proposé:
Ma Chérie Beurre,
laisse-moi garder ce beurre,
avoir la boulangerie, et
Je vais vous faire un croissant avec amour.

bien, elle a dit:
Tu veux le beurre et l’argent du beurre et le cul de la crémière.
Apportez-moi une renoncule et je vais regarder dans votre âme
jusqu’à ce que je décide si tu es assez floconneux pour cuisiner.




学校のすべての若い男の子 醜くなった







The Floating Dance

She is young
And in love with the rock band.

If they make her pamper her dream
She will deplete dance and drinks
Similarly for all other girls in school

All the young boys in school got ugly

All girls are in love with star draw,
And sometimes these things are beautiful to ponder
Before the action starts.
Music is tempting.

She turned away from me.
Her hair looks behind.
Shining in the sun
The ponytail thread is shaking
Like doing a fantasy jog,
Her hair and her rainbow arms
They are written in the sky

But she flew away in love.
She loves guitars and quirky stuff on the stage.
She is addicted to rock stars.

But wait for the show at the small cove we knew
Where the flower falls above the floating ice cream stick,
And the butterfly there use a stick as a surfboard
I am waiting for you while the butterfly is flying around the torrent.

When sadness rides your flowing tears
I wipe your face and let you surf happy

I am here with the butterfly
I miss you.










Many people look for you to get caught.
I look for love for you and me.

It snows whenever you leave me.

With the sun
You melt me ​​every time you come.

You always tell me that you have to leave
The door opened before the snowstorm.

Say whisper and goodbye.
Many people are looking for you.

In the mountains I was able to know you.
I was able to splash with you,
And these if i could find you
When you can swim freely.

I wonder if tears will freeze on your face
When you ran to the mountains for exile.

I look for love for you and me
To the place together.

The next time you come to hide,
Let us be a river
And meet in the sea
Where there is no snow.

Dalle Macerie (Italian Version of “Rubble of You”)

Tu signora sei così bella
con strisce di sporco
sulla tua faccia, con
abiti strappati.

Splendido sei tu
con i capelli arruffati
e sangue, in quanto che

ti hanno tirato
dalle macerie

e ti ho sentito sussurrare
ti amo
From the Rubble

You lady are so beautiful
with dirt stripes
on your face, with
torn clothes.

You are beautiful
with tousled hair
and blood, as that

they pulled you
from the rubble

and I heard you whisper
I love you

Од урнатините (Macedonian version of “Rubble of You”)

Вие дама се толку убави
со нечистотии
на твоето лице, со
искината облека.

Вие сте убави
со кована коса
и крв, како што е тоа
затоа што

тие ве повлекоа
од урнатините

и слушнав ти шепот
Те сакам
From the ruins

You lady are so beautiful
with impurity
on your face, with
tattered clothing.

You are beautiful
with wrought hair
and blood, as it is

they have withdrawn you
from the ruins

and I heard you whisper
I love you



Dans les abysses de cette grotte
ses musique de elle est ma lumière, mon film.

Les apparitions de elle chante pour moi,
de elle me caressent dans ma mémoire,
une vallée de duos.

Les ténèbres m’affligent comme un fou
pourtant j’entends les notes pour remarquer l’amour

elle est mon concert ici;
ses chansons de elle
me réconforter

Je n’ai pas peur du tonnerre
ni secouer, cependant
Je suis sa note basse de elle
et elle est ma coloratura

In the abyss of this cave
her music of her* is my light, my film.

The apparitions of her sing for me,
from her caressing me in my memory,
a valley of duets.

Darkness afflicts me like a madman
yet I hear the notes to notice the love

she is my concert here;
her songs from her
comfort me

I am not afraid of thunder
nor shake, however
I am her low note of her
and she is my coloratura

I just want her music but I can’t find a way to just use “her” or “of her” but not both. If I take either out it doesn’t seem to translate right. I don’t know if the whole mess is perceived in French as just “her”. If that were true then I could just take out the redundancy in the English translation. I have no way of knowing.