Dans les abysses de cette grotte
ses musique de elle est ma lumière, mon film.

Les apparitions de elle chante pour moi,
de elle me caressent dans ma mémoire,
une vallée de duos.

Les ténèbres m’affligent comme un fou
pourtant j’entends les notes pour remarquer l’amour

elle est mon concert ici;
ses chansons de elle
me réconforter

Je n’ai pas peur du tonnerre
ni secouer, cependant
Je suis sa note basse de elle
et elle est ma coloratura

In the abyss of this cave
her music of her* is my light, my film.

The apparitions of her sing for me,
from her caressing me in my memory,
a valley of duets.

Darkness afflicts me like a madman
yet I hear the notes to notice the love

she is my concert here;
her songs from her
comfort me

I am not afraid of thunder
nor shake, however
I am her low note of her
and she is my coloratura

I just want her music but I can’t find a way to just use “her” or “of her” but not both. If I take either out it doesn’t seem to translate right. I don’t know if the whole mess is perceived in French as just “her”. If that were true then I could just take out the redundancy in the English translation. I have no way of knowing.