Oh no, the poem “A Gray Drop” fails (! or ?)

I knew something was wrong with “fallen”. A concept like “a fallen angel” is OK, but in a phrase it’s wrong. It would be “having fallen,” but that would be awkward. I missed seeing the grammar mistake because of all the inverted orders. In a sentence, it could be “From a faucet dripping, it was a river manqué, having fallen into a gray blob that appeared in a closeup.” Hmm, so, where could “a fallen angel” structure be found? A fallen blob? Not very poetic. But in this case I think “poetic license” has gone too far. “A panicked drop” uses the past participle of an intransitive verb and seems to work. That’s as far as I can go with the theory. I’m totally lost for a formal solution. Here is the faulty culprit for reference:

I captured a pic’ of a drop
from a faucet dripping, ’twas
a river manqué, dramatic flop,
fallen into a gray blob closeup

Thunder there! Yes,

but let the rain drops outside
spawn a rainbow end for to
abide her golden heart there
where she’ll flood my soul in
a liquid of love, rapture of two