Window Dressing

Waiting out winter here where
rose petals have long since
swirled upon winds
like naked sweet flakes

Too many cold dreams froze the day.

You could’ve hung around
waiting ’til snow flakes
melted on your tongue

I can’t believe your
hot flakiness is gone
way out and far beyond
and I’ve

been chipping at a sorrow stone
like a flint rock without kindling,
cold slivers and flakes

You could’ve hung around
past winter’s blue tongue end
waited for the equinox
to knock us into Spring

But layers of your patience
seemed to flake off

you couldn’t wait
and cooled

Oh it
would’ve made us warm
that eternal vernal word on
the tip of my tongue
that winter day
looking out the window with you

Oh to wait for the ring
and the equinox

but you defenestrated my love
and from passion fever
in abandonment snow

I can’t believe your
hot flakiness is gone
way out away far beyond
while snowflakes are
melting on my tongue

Is there a vernal venal groundhog
you’ve bribed with flowers
to look through glass, not
see snowflakes falling
this frigid Spring equinox, when
we ought to sing and pop up?

But I’ve been jumping and unraveling
like an unwinding spring
snowflakes melting on my tongue

I hope flowers are coming back
dressed in red flakes