Epic Poems Part 3


“Champagne!” said Potter,
“Everything goes with Champagne.
Everybody sing…”

“Drink, drink, drink
the fortune is future
in however it spins.
We can build a bridge to over there
and then find out that we’re nowhere,
oh ah
Drink, drink, drink, and
leap o’er hedges and
say what you think!”

Potter: “Hop, hop, hop
oh Hare, and bring us
our drinks so we won’t despair.
We can build a bridge to over there
and then find out that we’re nowhere,”

“Drink, drink, drink, and
leap o’er hedges and then
you can say what you think!”

End: “Let’s drink!”

Everybody drank a glass
and Alice purred. She felt classy
pulling out the stack of papers
from the other half of the cookie.
“Well, then, it concurs with
what you quipped ‘quid pro quo’
and also has many betting slips, abetting
the Hedgehogian Croquet matches.
Um, but could I ask… um…”

“Yes, speak up, speak down,
don’t mess up the most tizzy
to the ear, here, speak toast or cookie,”
encouraged hazy Mad Potter with wine
dizzily spinning on his chair-on-a-wheel,
“Yes do inhere the unsilent soul.”

“Yes, then,” said Alice,
“a pretty party — but don’t
I get a cake? Ooops, unsay I,
I think I said that already.
I have a question about perforations.”

“Yes certainly, be at ease
it’s perfectly perforated.
All the contracts are perforated —
you tear off along the lines
and sell all the pieces.”

“Indeed, but which to whom?”

“Well, you have pages, and see
wrapping paper and ribbon too.
You can make a package. No?”

“Yes, um, so, I’m to make packages?”

“Yes, silly girl, it’s color coded for risk
by the colors of the rainbow. Throw a
worthless mortgage slip in with a good one.
Slip a red slip with a blue and yellow one.
Leave a slip in from every cookie
and wrap a pretty package.”

“Uh, could I ask…”

Cake Now

“Oh, yes, make no mistake
you may have cake now,”
Mad Potter said with a bow.

The May Hare hopped
with mayhem

“Oh Hare,” said Alice at last,
“I’m roaming and lost like Odysseus.
Can’t I go home aghast ’cause thus
I wonder what everybody means
by ‘Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,’
so is it bleak or…”

“The Trojan War, dear.
But have no fear,” said the May Hare.
“There are no Trojan horses here.”

“But this is too weird,” said Alice.
“Such chaos must be a dream,
I’m beginning to think
of streams of schemes…”

“That’s madness,” said the Mad Potter,
“If that were so you would do the chant:
‘deus ex machina’ ”

“But in the scheme of things
all the words here would seem
to require three goddesses,” said Alice

“No need for that… we spin the news
for you. No need to spin the thread of life.
So what would you propose so nice —
to call down Clotho? Would Lachesis
sell short or sell long?” grumbled Mad Potter

“Goodness, girl,” said the Hare,
“If you called down Atropos,
how would you know
if it’d be the death of us
or the death of a dream?”

“So tell me this,” said Alice,
“What now is that thunder
in a distance of wonder?”

“Aha,” chortled Hare,
“A simple inquiry —
’tis activation of our
twenty lane highway.”

“Who comes to consort with us?
Shall it be less than consortium —
could it be Chefs
who bring shallots
with no sign of malice?”

“Well, dear,” said Hare,
“Not quite. Your Chef
will soon bring us the gigantic cake.”

“Can I have my cake
and eat it too?”

“Of course. Chef Steagall
brings it forth on private road,
then after, the millions will scream
and come like an omen. But first
the parade for our thirsts and
for all our Champagne dreams.”

At first there was just gleeful emotion —
an entourage of penguins waved from a float
and captivated woodland fans with a
ten foot high cake.

Onto the table for her with magnificent waddle
thirty birds placed the cake in exulted center.

“Make a wish for us all to survive, my dear,”
lead the Hare jumping wily wildly.

“Well, I’d think to make
a dream and reality compatible,”
faked Alice the fanciful,
who could only quake.”

Archemedes Arrives

Just then Archemedes
popped out of the cake
fully naked and said,
“Drachma! Eureka!
Put Euro to bed.”

“Hmm, well, that being said,
I thank you for
that sage advice, and
if I may say so
you’re very handsome in life.”

Archemedes looked down
at certain endowments:
“Well, as I stand erect, please
do not reject this:
Everyone must retire
to Noah’s lake because
lakes and spas are endless
for the gods.”

“Oh, Archemedes
if we could date,” said Alice.
“If not too late
I’d come onboard
your lonely ark to
be a two…”

“Oh my Alice you’re
like a daughter, much
too young for a disaster.”

As millions rushed into
Noah’s lake, of course
the overflow inundated.

The water rushed over
the banquet table and
swans found their voice
to sing their swan song.


The Ancient Greek Gods Have a Word to Say on Finance

The European Union can be a problem when you have an Olive Grove.  Making deals with the Gods as if they were loan sharks can be treacherous.

continue to the Epic Poem: “Ode to an Olive”

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