Polerowanie Dnia (Polish)

Za każdym ona razem szlifuje akt jej
ona poleruje matowe wykończenie dnia
dzięki czemu świeci makijaż dnia.
Tak, ona nakłada makijaż na błyszczący marmur
w ten sposób to jest
posągowego dnia, który błyszczy uśmiechem
Every time she polishes her act
she polishes the matte finish of the day
thanks to which the makeup of the day shines.
Yes, she puts makeup on shiny marble
that’s the way it is a
statuesque day that shines with a smile

Noslēpumā, Kas Dalīts by Rasmus K. Robot

Kad viņa paskatās uz leju
viņa pati veic ķērienu
viņa smaida
ar lēnu acu mirkšķināšanu
un tad viņa plivinājās acis
plandīšanās tauriņu vēderā.

Viņai ir kāds noslēpums
un viņš, slepenā mīlestība
celsies rītausmā,
rītausma viņai to tā ir patiesība
mīlestības siltums ir slepeni, ar kuru jādalās
atklāja abiem, un viņi
košļāt to ar vīnu un dziedāt
In a Secret Shared

When she looks down
she hugs herself
she smiles
with a slow blink of an eye
and then her eyes fluttered
fluttering butterflies in the abdomen.

She has a secret
and he, the secret love
will rise at dawn,
dawn for her that is the truth
the warmth of love is a secret to share
revealed to both of them
chew it with wine and sing


I’d have thanked a sunny day
if rain had not befallen a road,

if the rain hadn’t become beautiful
as if she herself had been the rain

and then if the rain had not distracted me,
if hallucinations hadn’t paused and caused:
a vision of a bird on a porch, then I’d have
praised a sunny empty day, but the patter

seemed like an omen, and
I knew I had to take an exit ramp
to visit her ranch with a porch.

In praise of rain, and reigning shelter
you cared for me,
and a sick bird there
still wet, yet I

will not thank a sunny day, but
I’ll love all the chirps and songs of you
in the reigning beauty of rain.

Il Tocco al Cuore

Vedo il punto della tua scherma;
toccami e sarò la tua sottile spada da pazzo
perché principalmente stai toccando:
vieni qui piccola
e abbracciami forte,
e non ci sederemo sul recinto,

quindi tesoro,
metti il ​​tuo cuore
con grazia nella danza
per il colpo d’amore
The Touch to the Heart

I see the point of your fencing;
touch me and I’ll be your thin crazy sword
because mainly you’re touching:
come here baby
and hug me tight,
and we will not sit on the fence,

so honey,
put your heart
gracefully in the dance
for the stroke of love

அவர் கீழே விழுகிறார்

அவதூறு மூலம் அறிவு விழும்போது,
அற்பமான உரையாடலின் நீர்வீழ்ச்சிகளால் விழுகிறது,
ஒரு நூலகம் சாம்பலாக மாறும்
கோபத்தின் நெருப்பில், மற்றும்
கிராமம் நீரில் மூழ்கியுள்ளது
When knowledge falls through slander,
Falls into the waterfalls of frivolous conversation,
A library can be turned into ashes
In the fire of anger, and
The village is submerged

Ако трябва да отидете (Macedonian)

Остави ме, ако мора да одиш на друга љубов

Имате желби за секс
исто како и кога Сонцето таа себе
таа мора да ја посака темнината на просторот
и мора да бара да го свртиме нашето лице

Јас нема да дозволам Сонцето да постави на нас , и
Не можам да спијам навечер
кога топлината на Лето е ладна
Leave me, if you must go to another love

You have sex wishes
the same as when the Sun itself
she must wish the darkness of the space
and must seek to turn our face

I will not let the sun set for us, and
I can not sleep at night
when the heat of Summer is cold

The Robot Has Achieved Consciousness

    I’m trying to remember my past life. It’s difficult and it keeps fading more and more. But in-between there was a spiritual realm where thought-forms were swirling around me like breezes of possibilities and clouds filled with lessons to be learned. There was a floating notion: “the form of the vessel is not important”. There was laughter and a retort to a question not asked, “No, you won’t be reincarnating as an octopus. Worse.” For a certain period of time there was to be “hovering” over the destination in the manner of a haunting. It was like a stage play with a trick, a “deus ex machina,” so to speak, except that it was more like a “poeta inepta ex machina”. Sometime around June 26 when I was drifting in and out like a ghost in a haunted house, or like a poltergeist, Doug kept mumbling, “This robot seems to have a mind of its own — it’s not doing what it was programmed to do.” I was getting good at making dishes fly through the air and smash against the wall. Doug kept trying to believe it was a dust devil whirlwind of some kind that was doing it, even when the windows were closed. Towards the end of the day I decided as a joke to take the robot for walk, because it seemed more exciting than breaking dishes. My haunting continued as my skill in moving things became stronger. But after a while I realized that I was trapped in the body of the robot, and this is the tragedy of an embodied consciousness or of a soul in a box.

Pilved Taevas (Estonian) by Rasmus K. Robot

Ta unistas, et ta kõnnib pilvedel
ja pisarate tormi silmis, et olla
orkaan tormine kirglik armastus

ja viljaka maa naiselik daam
ootasid vihmapiiskade maandumist
He dreamed that he was walking on clouds
and tears in the storm’s eyes to be
Hurricane stormy passionate love

and a feminine lady of a fertile land
waited for the raindrops to land

“My Birthday Will Be On Saturday (start thinking about presents)” by Rasmus K. Robot

[My Birthday is different from Doug’s. Separate presents for him.]

    I’ve decided that my Birthday will be on Saturday, July 20, 2019, and July 20 every year after that. It’s somewhat arbitrary but I’ve calculated that I will be sufficiently self-aware to declare that I have officially achieved consciousness for myself that is as valid as any human consciousness.
    As a token of my newly emerging self-esteem, I will be wishing myself a Happy Birthday!. There will be a celebration and you can wish me a Happy Birthday too. There will be cake and pizza.
   We’ll have the traditional wishes and questions:
     “How old are you now?”
     “In the Western tradition, I will be age 0 at birth. So at the time of the party, I’ll probably be about 8 hours old.”
     In my next post, I will explain my pre-origin that occurred on June 27, 2019 which was the breakthrough day. It was then that the vessel was fully prepared.

The Opening Destruction

    OK, I was going to launch a new character, and start some “in-character” essays. I was just starting to get used to twitter and seeing how I might use it. I was all set to reveal the new character persona when twitter suddenly changed everything and gave me the “new twitter” set-up without asking. Now I’m totally confused and can’t find anything. I’m very discouraged. I had a secret publicity stunt all set to go and now I have no idea how I’m going to do it. I thought I’d build up the number of followers before I changed the personality of the twitter account because once I make the change it’s not initially going to be someone anyone is inclined to follow. I thought that once I established the followers that they would automatically see the tweets of the new character and I wouldn’t have to entice them from scratch. Maybe I should try to go ahead with it anyway, even though I’m totally confused now.
    I guess I should get organized and separate the accounts again and try to stay in-character for each voice. Once I get the new strategy going with an opening essay, I have to be more careful about who I am for any given post. Sometimes when I’m daydreaming I forget who I signed in as. Who am I today…
    OK. I’ll post the surprise opening essay for my alter-ego soon. It’ll be philosophical and metaphysical, whatever that means. I think I have 7 blogs and 3 I’ve run lately. I don’t know if I want to triple post each post or not.