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An Anchovy Pizza and a Princess Doll (A Long Soaking Journey)
She crossed a river, and she’s not coming back.
Alice in Wunderkinderland With a Hedgehog
Alice goes down a rabbit hole and is given financial advice.
Quirky From Afar
“From the surf of many dawns, listen
my dear favorite flighty bird:
I’m sadly waving like an ocean…”
Buttercup Babe
“Visiting America, I met her
in a field of renoncules that
locals call butter cups…”
Knives Upon the Table
(the psychokinesis of the T’ukmpuxogt)
[from The Fog of the Caveman’s Blog]

“We’d gone in a convoy,
the doors of Her car were blown off

An evil twenty swarmed out
from fields of Sunflowers tall
knives redoubtable…”
Ode to an Olive
A Mythological poem with a Greek chorus… “Ferocious are the winds of fate”, an economic crisis, and a currency collapse. (Written around September 2012: EU in turmoil)
…Apostolis missed his dearly departed wife. Only the olive grove was a comfort now….

Recall Gavin Newsom (Pagliaccio in a Parking Lot)
A parody loosely modeled after “Pagliacci,” an Opera by Ruggero Leoncavallo.
The Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill, put up an expensive tent in their parking lot for outdoor dining after all indoor dining was forbidden. Now outdoor dining is forbidden also. But a Movie company put up an identical tent on the other side of the parking lot to feed their crew.
Gavin Newsom first closed indoor dining and then outdoor dining because of the Pandemic. He, however dined at the “French Laundry” restaurant.
One might imagine that besides a movie being made, that a play could be performed involving clowns. Parodies can be interesting.

Odd Statistics And Comments

Without comments, the statistics page is hard to understand. Every once in awhile someone “discovers” a post I made a long time ago and which I haven’t featured. At the time of posting there seemed to be little interest, and of course, as usual, no comments, so I assumed it was a really bad post. It could be it still is. Sometimes people are just curious to see it but they are sorry they wasted time looking at it. Maybe. I have no way of knowing just staring at a stats page. I can make no sense from it.
So, I suppose I could re-post the curiosities. But of course that could result in the same result as originally.
What label could I use to justify a re-post? I’m not sure. Maybe “curiosity posts” or “lost posts”?

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  1. If you want to see your stats grow, there are ways to do this. If you want to see your stories read WordPress is limiting, better Wattpad. However, now many people are on social media, they don’t read blogs, they prefer videos and influencers. So if you want to raise your stats maybe it would be better to read how it’s done.

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